• Uploaded: 2nd September, 2020
Hanoi, Vietnam

On the joyous Vietnam National Day and in celebration of’s 3 month’s birthday, has its first restructure, whereas:

- has its Board of Directors formed based on the result of the first Shareholders’ meeting in 1st September, in order to meet legal requirements and having a better steering committee.

- Its members include CEO Tuan-Anh (Rick) Tran Nguyen, Head of Marketing Thang (Barney) Trinh Quoc, Head of Delivery Division 1 Thuan (William) Nguyen and Head of Delivery Division 2 Tuyen (Kylian) Tran.

- CEO Tuan-Anh (Rick) Tran Nguyen will co-serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.

- Chairman & CEO Tuan-Anh (Rick) Tran Nguyen will be the direct person in charge of all three departments: Sales & Planning, Delivery and Operations until the end of 2020.

- For Sales & Planing Department, CSO Thao (Vincent) Nguyen will pursue his own new business in Food & Beverage.

- For Operations, COO Dung (Tom) Nguyen moved to Saigon to join in a product development company.

- For Delivery Department, the Front-End Division and Back-End Division will be changed into Delivery Division 1 and Delivery Division 2 respectively. Its Heads remain Thuan (William) Nguyen and Tuyen (Kylian) Tran.

Team lines

In this time of uncertainty and restructuring, Chairman & CEO Tuan-Anh (Rick) Tran Nguyen said:

“I know that many feel sad and depressed on the exit of our two key leaders. Me too. Still, let’s celebrate their choices and brace ourselves for the future. And, it’s not like we can’t occasionally grab a beer with them, can’t we?” is a new, fast-growing and solid software services company, founded in Hanoi, Vietnam in June 2020. Headed by Chairman & CEO Tuan-Anh (Rick) Tran Nguyen, it has 21 members, with an average age of 24.5. Its main services included custom software development, mobile application development, web development, application managed services among others. With a strong focus in both new and old technologies including React JS, React Native, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Java, believe that it can bring amazing, solid products to its customers.