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The Client

Host Analytics is a leading financial planning and analysis (FP&A) cloud platform, helping businesses in agile planning and decision-making. More than 800 customers including, Bose, Boston Red Sox, Del Monte, rely on Host Analytics for financial planning and budgeting, dynamic operational planning, financial consolidations, reporting, and visual analytics.

The Challenges

Host Analytics was requested by their partners to extend the duration and develop the capacity of data back-up. They needed a solution that allowed increasing data retention to help their partners reduce discovery costs and recovery effort time.

The Solution

SOLID engineer worked out on a local storage to create a 7- / 30- / 60- day rotational method.

  • Set up a Direct Connect line from client’s data center to AWS data center for optimal connection and security.
  • Perform AWS cross-region replication to enable automatic and asynchronous copying of data across buckets in different regions. This ensures data sufficiency for Host Analytics’s partners.
  • Build a Disaster Recovery solution to easily restore all data to the centre within an hour by backing up data from local to AWS Cloud.

The Benefits

With data retention period extended to 60 days, Host Analytics fulfills their partners’ demands while reducing costs by 98% without any change in current infrastructure.