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The Client

GameSmart is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. They deliver games, content and online services for Internet-connected computers, mobile phones and tablets. The US-based company is the provider of popular game titles; Yum Yum Jelly Match, Berry Blast, Froggy, Deadshot Dynamite, Subway Clash, and Solar Drive. Currently GameSmart users enjoy over 250,000 games plays per day and the number is growing steadily.

The Challenges

GameSmart wished to safeguard their website performance and improve visitors experience. With more than 50 games in a wide variety of ranges stored on website, the website was expected to be fully operational at all time and kept stable to serve visitors in different locations. Besides, they wanted to build a disaster recovery plan to keep their business-critical IT systems up and running as well as get prepared for worst-case scenario.

The Solution

SOLID engineer worked with the client to propose a solution which helped the website well serve visitors in different regions while running smoothly and stably.

  • Leverage CloudFormation to backup data and launch a new environment. AMI and backup ID were integrated in CloudFormation to enable quick set up in another AWS region and backup process in case of any error.
  • Copy data across Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as a game content storage to ensure data safety for visitors from multi regions.
  • Ran an automated script on Amazon EC2 – a server to duplicate applications to another AWS region and back up RDS instances.
  • Build a Golden Image for all EC2 instances to stabilize applications launching.

The Benefits team is now able to make the website available for 99.99% uptime. We can prevent downtime while deploying new version. Further more, we can confirm game data on S3 is redundancy and performance of the website is good.


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