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The Client

FamDeli is a social food-tech startup that connects homecooked-meals made by stay-at-home women to office workers. The startup aims to deliver a convenient meal solution while helping women generate extra income. Within four years, FamDeli has provided more than 160,000 meals to 200 companies in Vietnam.

The Challenges

The food delivery service, including take orders and confirm orders, was processed manually on Facebook, phone calls and Excel spreadsheets. This resulted in inefficiency throughout the whole operation in how meals were ordered and delivered to customers. Facing this challenge, FamDeli sought for a digital solution which could streamline the process.

The Solution

SOLID engineer helped FamDeli create a web platform that allows individuals to place orders and suppliers (stay-at-home women) to receive orders simultaneously. Customers select their desired meal from the menu and make payment on website.

  • Build high-quality user-interfaces with React – an open-source JavaScript library, allowing to sort out different components into simple content pillars for users to consume.
  • Enable a fault-tolerant system that ensures a resilient, stable and safe website operation.
  • Set up a secure network layer to prevent data leak and hacking by using AWS Shield.


The Benefits

The solution provides FamDeli’s suppliers and customers with easy access to food ordering platform in a more rapid and effective way. The web platform is equipped with various features that help deliver a seamless ordering experience for customers: ordering management system, alert tool, and other integrated API services. The platform also supports businesses in preparing lunchboxes for employees, which helps them to reduce turnover rates to 18% and increase productivity to 131%.


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